Long-range Temperature Sensor

When you absolutely have to know how hot (or cold) it is over there!


How It Works

This sensor uses Forward Loop Zero.

The long-range temperature sensor measures temperatures up to two meters away.

The sensor uses two kinds of infrared camera: one camera precisely measures the temperature of a small spot while the other camera measures the temperatures of 64 points in an 8-by-8 grid thermal image.

The sensor reads the data and publishes it using MQTT via a broker running on your local machine. Your local machine subscribes to the data topic and presents that data as live plots of the thermal image and spot temperatures.


You can buy this sensor and many more as part of Forward Loop Zero.

Forward Loop Zero provides high quality pre-assembled and tested hardware and open-source, MIT-licensed software and networking support to help developers make the next generation of sensor and IoT applications.


When you purchase Forward Loop Zero with the optional grid-eye and long-range sensors, your Forward Loop Zero arrives assembled and configured to run the demonstration application out of the box.

For more information about the demonstration application, please see the Demonstration Application Guide.


You can use the long-range temperature sensor to build your own applications that incorporate your own requirements or business logic.

For more information about the long-range temperature sensor and how to modify the demonstration application, please see the Custom Application Guide.