Device Drivers
These drivers support the hardware in Forward Loop Zero.

All drivers have an MIT license, so you can use, change, and sell them in your own applications.
Sensor Drivers
Name Description Use Case
MLX90614 Long-range infrared camera.

The sensor can measure temperatures of -70 to 380 ± 0.5 °C at a distance of 2m
High-precision non-contact temperature measurements

Industrial temperature control

Livestock monitoring

Temperature sensing for residential or commercial building air conditioning

Body temperature measurements
AMG8833 Grid-eye infrared camera.

The sensor can measure temperatures from 0 to 80 ± 2.5 °C at a distance of 2m for 64 points on an 8-by-8 grid
Proximity sensing

Movement detection

Residential and commercial building security

Quality control for food and beverage

Area heat loss monitoring and mapping
MPU9250 Inertial measurement unit.

The sensor can simultaneously measure acceleration, rotation, and magnetic field in three directions, which allows for calculations of orientation and position
Movement sensing

Stability monitoring for cargo

Virtual and augmented reality HMD tracking

Activity recognition

3D scanning

Photo and video capture stabilization
General Hardware Drivers
Name Description
I2C The I2C protocol allows sensors and microcontrollers to communicate back and forth over a simple two-wire connection.
Networking Drivers
Name Description
MQTT The MQTT protocol is an asynchronous publish-subscribe messaging protocol based on TCP/IP that works even in limited bandwidth scenarios.